Older Alarm Systems

Old Alarm System - Guard DogMany systems are still usable until they are fifteen years old. If your alarm system is 10 years or less we should be able to use it. There is nothing wrong with an older alarm system; they just don’t have the features and services available of those manufactured today. They work essentially the same; they notify the authorities when you need them! You might as well use it!

Now lets assume that we cannot use your existing alarm system or you want to upgrade to one with more features ie. Smartphone control. Don’t worry, we offer great deals on swap outs. A swap out is when we replace your existing keypad(s), control and backup battery. In most cases, the rest of the equipment will still work. Lake Hickory Security Inc. has a knowledgeable staff that can work through the particulars on the type of system you have. Again, most of the time we are able to use your existing equipment, get it working and get you set up for 24 hour monitoring at very completive rates. Simply give us a call and we can tell you within minutes what we can do with the type and age of alarm system that you have.

Remember we do not require a long-term contract when you have your home or business connected to our monitoring services. We rely on our level of service, expertise and smile to keep our customers …not a long-term contract that puts you at the mercy of other security companies. Why wait? Call today!

Contact Lake Hickory Security today by Clicking Here or call 828.256.9777 to learn more about upgrading you old alarm system.

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