Security System FAQs

I want to eliminate my telephone landline. Can my security system work without a landline?

Yes. Digital cellular and IP communication technology is available for transmission of alarm events. This is a service utilized by your security system to communicate with the central station either as a primary or backup means (in case the phone line fails). The cost of either of these new technologies is less than the monthly phone charge.

I want to change phone providers. Will it affect my security system?

Security systems will work with many providers but there are some they will not work with. Check with your new provider to confirm that there service is compatible with security systems before making a change. After you have changed services TEST THE SYSTEM BEFORE THE TELEPHONE SERVICE TECHNICIAN LEAVES TO CONFIRM THAT THE SECURITY SYSTEM IS COMMUNICATING.

How do I test my security system?

Have your account number and password ready. Call the monitoring center and tell the operator your account number and password. The monitoring center will place your account in “test” so the authorities will not be dispatched. Arm the system and initiate an alarm, let the siren run for 30 seconds and disarm the system. Call the Monitoring Center back, they should be able to tell you what protection point was activated. Finally, tell the operator you’ve completed testing and to place your “system” back on line.


My system will not ARM what should I do?

Investigate openings displayed on the keypad as open or faulted. Display the open or fault by depressing a button on the keypad to identify it (not sure which button to depress? Refer to the user manual included with your system). If you still can’t identify the fault walk through the home or business and close all windows and doors. Once the open or fault is known, secure the opening and the “ready” light should illuminate allowing you to arm the system.

My keypad is beeping and displaying a system problem. What do I do?

The user manual included with the system will provide more detailed information. Can’t find the manual? Pull up the manufacture’s website, find your control model and corresponding user manual. If you need further assistance, call customer service at 828.256.9777.

What does it mean when my keypad displays “AC power Failure” or “Low Battery”?

Check to see if you have power, your backup battery will power your system for 6 – 12 hours depending on your panel and battery life. If you have power, locate the wall outlet the alarm transformer is plugged into and ensure it is plugged in securely. If the outlet doesn’t have power, check the circuit breaker. If you have power at the outlet and the keypad still displays “AC power failure” or “Low Battery”, call customer service at 828.256.9777.

May emergency contact list or telephone numbers has changed. How do I update?

Contact customer service by calling 828.256.9777 (please have your password readily available). It is important to review your contact list periodically.

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