Local Monitoring of Your Facility

You can rest easy knowing experienced, trained personnel are standing by 24/7 from a “LOCAL” UL Listed Monitoring Center. When the alarm signal reaches the Central Station (within seconds after an alarm) an attentive agent will summon the corresponding authorities in your area and communicate with you until help arrives. It is the most effective means of protecting your business or home and its occupants.

We use up to 3 different lines of communication to ensure that your business is protected around the clock (we recommend a primary and alternate communication path):

Commercial Monitoring Systems
  • Landline Phone
  • Wireless Cellular
  • Internet connection

These communication paths can connect your business to an FM approved, UL listed 24Hr monitoring center to ensure a quick response time when you need assistance.

So what exactly does it mean for the 24Hr monitoring center to be FM approved and UL Listed? Why is it important?

What Lake Hickory Security’s approved, certified and listed monitoring stations means to you is greater peace of mind. It means you can rest assured your security emergencies are handled by experienced professionals. It means your business is protected 24 hours, every day, personally and without delay, using the most advanced equipment. Our "access restricted" state-of-the-art facilities have met or surpassed the stringent standards as determined by Underwriter Laboratories (U.L.) and Factory Mutual (FM).

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Other Services:

  • Open/Close Reporting
  • 24 Hr Fire Alarm monitoring with daily test
  • Inspection Services
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Security Survey/Site Analysis
  • Two way voice
  • Elevator monitoring
  • Dual path communications

Remember, it’s easy to sign-up or switch your monitoring services to Lake Hickory Security!

  • Low Switchover Fee
  • Use your existing system (eligible systems only)
  • No long-term contract

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